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Our promise to our clients at Oasis Roofer is that we care. It might appear to be two easy words yet it is the difference between success and failure in our industry. We take pride in our commitment to quality and satisfaction as a licensed roofing contractor and licensed contractor in Oakland Park. We work together with our customers to ensure that they have the best roof and that too at an affordable rate. We arrive on time, in clean clothes, and take pride in every roofing work we provide.

Oasis Roofer is here to help you safeguard your house. Whether you need a complete roof replacement, re-roofing, roof repair, or roof maintenance, you can count on us. Oasis Roofer has been working in this business for more than previous 20 years and has built a reputation for excellence. Our reputation and business have grown a lot based on providing long-lasting roofs at cheap rates with hassle-free installation. We can provide the best services throughout Oakland Park and surrounding areas

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It can be difficult to find a roofing company you can trust to manage all of your roofing needs, but it doesn’t have to be! Oasis Roofer provides a wide range of services to meet your specific needs, whether they are residential or commercial. Oasis Roofer has been providing Oakland Park businesses with long-lasting commercial and flat roofing services for more than the previous 17 years. Our team of skilled contractors understands the ins and outs of commercial roofing and can apply that knowledge to any project.


Residential roofing used to be straightforward- a few slates of asphalt shingles or even clay tiles, and you’re ready to go. But you never know what effects weather can have on your roofs. A lot of people move to metal roofing while others still love tiles or shingles. Oasis Roofer provides the best and most long-lasting type of roofing system that has a lot of benefits. Hiring Oasis Roofer for installing new roofs would be the most perfect for a New Construction, or if your current home is in need of repair or replacement- or even a Re-Roofing or Retrofitting service.


Do you need to replace your roof in Oakland Park? Every roofing system will eventually need to be replaced because it is no longer cost-effective or safe to maintain. Don’t get me wrong: you can fix, seal, and replace individual tiles for a long time, but daily exposure to the elements, as well as pressure and weight from materials, can make your roof prone to water intrusion. If you’ve reached this point in your trip, we can help with inexpensive and cost-effective roof replacement choices

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In Oakland Park, oasis Roofer is your local company. We are serving throughout Oakland Park and surrounding areas for more than the previous 17 years. Oasis Roofer is an insured and licensed company dedicated to giving you the best service possible, whether you need a preventive maintenance program, roof replacement, or roof repair. We work together with major roofing manufacturers to give extended warranty options, and we have the highest level of credentials of any roofing company. With our company, you can learn more about your commercial and residential roofing options.
Choose Oasis Roofer as your local roofing company in Oakland Park and surrounding areas. For a free roofing estimate, please give us a call immediately. Oasis Roofer is one of the area’s largest roofing companies. We take pride in installing high-quality products that have been shown to work. Oasis Roofer has acquired a variety of qualifications for your review as a result of this commitment.


We at Oasis Roofer provide the best roofing services


If your roof needs repair just give us a call. We will repair roof it in the best way.


If you need any kind of help with your shingled roof we can provide that too.


We are your partner for your all kinds of re-roofing needs throughout the area.


All our members are trained and they complete all their work quickly and efficiently.


We provide personalized roofing services by meeting the customers’ needs efficiently and effectively.


We are available around the clock to help you. So, whenever you need roofing services just give us a call.

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At Oasis Roofer, we understand how important it is for you to know everything there is to know about your roofers, especially since this area of your property is so important for the rest of the building. As a result, we made certain that you and anybody else interested in our roofing services had access to all of our crucial and relevant information. If you’ve already arrived, you should be aware that our company has been in the roofing business for more than the previous 17 years.
This is why we have so much knowledge and expertise in every service and project we undertake, and our contractors are always ready to provide the best outcomes possible. For us, roofs are simple to install, repair, and maintain. But you won’t be able to make things work unless you have the right skills, equipment, and tools. Our business has all of the necessary machines, materials, tools, and elements to do any task you want.
What guarantees do you have that we will deliver the results and services you require? We can show you not only images, but also take you to properties where we have completed re-roofing projects, performed maintenance, repaired roofs as well as have installed them, unlike other companies in the same industry. In other words, we can demonstrate our abilities and how professional we are at what we do. And we make it a point to ensure that our clients provide feedback for future and current clients to read so that they can assess our reputation.




    Oasis Roofer did a great job on our investment property. The task went smoothly. I systematically appreciated all the communication I received along the way. I highly recommend Oasis roofer to all my family & friends

    Emile Tansley

    I recently had roof replacement by their experts. Their crew was very professional and replacement was done within a day. Also, cleaned up everything after work. Highly recommend them.

    Kate Willimson